We believe that group therapy offers all the benefits of what our individual sessions provide.  However, they also provide so many other benefits that can only be developed in a group setting, such as:

  • Learning the ability to be a leader
  • Developing the skills of negotiating and compromising with peers​
  • Learning social norms
  • Developing empathy for others

All our group sessions include activities to purposefully develop these.  We listen to what your current needs are and regardless of what group you are attending we incorporate specific activities at the level your child needs to develop these. 

During regular school terms we offer two different groups. Each group can be covered by your NDIS or GP Management funding, or through Private Health Cover.   If you have NDIS funding and are Agency-managed, the session fees are $59.76, and are $70 for all other funding arrangements.

Read on below to find out more about each one, and please contact us if you would like to discuss further how each group may help your child.

Dance Inspired Group Therapy

Dance is the universal language that begins before words can even be spoken

What do you get when a Developmental Educator who has been a dance instructor for more than 20 years and a Physiotherapist who is also a qualified school teacher team up to create an innovative approach to developmental therapy?  A fun, music-filled, therapy-rich session that kids and parents love.  

Children naturally love to move. When they move, it is to achieve mobility, to express a thought or feeling, because it is enjoyable and of course, it feels wonderful.  It is when their movement becomes intentionally controlled and performed with awareness, grace and rhythm that it then becomes dance.  Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of expressing themselves.It is beneficial to provide all children with the opportunity of the developmental benefits and unique learning opportunities that come from organising movement into the aesthetic experience of dance.

Our signature program, each activity has been meticulously planned to achieve our fundamental purpose for these sessions: provide a session that the children think is dancing and fun, while at the same time ​meeting all the therapy goals you would have in a regular Physiotherapy or Developmental Education session.  

Classes are one hour long, and can be adapted for all physical, behavioural and intellectual needs. ​

Sensorimotor Group

Our Sensorimotor group provides all the benefits of our Dance-Inspired Groups, but are more suitable for children who are not motivated by music and dancing.  

We combine gross motor activities with sensory play to help develop your child's balance, strength, motor planning, body awareness, and more.  And because they are in a group setting we also include specific activities to guide your child's development in personal interaction, following group and social rules, and self-regulation. 

Coming soon, we will be able to offer the acclaimed social skills program What's the Buzz?  Entirely focused on improving the social skills of children, this structured program leads it's participants along a journey from struggling with friendships and interpersonal relationships to being confident with getting along with their peers. 

Which group appeals to you the most?

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