Foundations for Growth

A Strong Foundation of Development Skills To Help Your Child Grow Into Their Best

Gross Motor Skills

Help Your Child Move With Confidence

Whether your child is struggling with strength, balance, co-ordination or more...we can help them develop the skills to move comfortably and confidently in all areas. 

Interpersonal Skills

Develop Skills Interacting With Others

It can be a worry when your child is in group situations like school or extra-curricular activities, and you are not sure of their ability to interact with others. We provide the structure to develop the skills they need to get on well with and interact with others positively and successfully, and develop the ability to build friendships.

Support For You

Help You To Navigate The Disability Sector

We are not only experienced paediatric therapists, but as parents of children with disabilities ourselves we know what it is like to navigate services and help you find what you need.  Whether it's sourcing funding, help with transitions to school, or gaining clarification on what might be helpful for your child, we can help you find the information and insight you need to help your child. 

Goals Based Therapy That Kids Love

Outcomes Important to You Through Activities Children Enjoy

All of our programs are expertly designed to meet the therapy needs of your children, while being engaging and fun. Our motto is "You will see it's therapy, your child will think it's play".

Therapy Centred Around Your Needs

It is important to us that your child's therapy is...


Foundations for Growth exists to serve Adelaide children and their families who need the extra support of therapy, and so it is fundamental for you to feel like we are meeting all your needs. We take the time to listen to what you need from our therapy and check in regularly to make sure we are on track.


You will always be informed when it comes to how our therapy is helpful for your child, why we have chosen certain activities, and you will have full transparency with our fees and what you can expect from us.


Your child's therapy needs will change with time...after all, we expect that your child will improve in multiple areas with time. So we promise to communicate with you throughout the lifespan of your child's time with us so that we can shift the focus of our sessions to their needs and your priorities.


As parents of children who have had a lot of their own therapists, we have probably experienced similar frustrations along the way that you have.  Waiting lists and late reports have been some of the biggest frustrations.  So we place a high emphasis on avoiding both of these for you.

Services We Offer

Group-Based Therapy

As specialists in group-based paediatric therapy, our carefully designed group sessions provide a well-rounded therapy experience for children with a wide range of disabilities. Provided by a Physiotherapist/Teacher and a Developmental Educator/Dance Instructor, our group sessions have been meticulously designed to help your child learn social and group skills while they improve their physical abilities. 

We bring our combined experience in therapy, school teaching, dance instructing and personal training, and then tailor each activity to every child's individual needs, so that regardless of strengths and challenges your child will be getting something out of every moment of every session. 

Visit our Group Therapy Page to discover a little more about the different group based sessions we offer.

Individual Therapy

We currently provide individual Physiotherapy, and can provide this in a range of settings, such as school, home or clinic. 

Focused on providing the best movement results for your child, individual therapy can be arranged if your child is not yet ready to join a group or the benefits of working in a group are not relevant for your child.

Coming soon, we will be able to offer Support Co-ordination. While we provide informal support and advice to all our clients via existing therapy, we will soon be able to provide this as a specialist service, to ensure your complete therapy package is custom fit to your child's needs. 

Eligible For Multiple Sources of Funding

We have a physiotherapy provider number for private health insurance, and you may also be eligible to use EPC funding to access our therapy sessions.

Find it confusing working out what funding you are eligible for?  Please feel free to call us and we'll explain all the different types of funding available in clear language, and show you how to access them. 

We look forward to meeting you and your child soon,

Kerry & Kevin

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