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We provide Developmental Education, Physiotherapy and equipment for children with special needs. 

Your child may be eligible for funding to attend our programs, through the NDIS, private health insurance, or Medicare.

Kids develop the most when they are having fun  

We believe that kid's development is enhanced when they are performing activities that are fun and engaging.  

So we designed our therapy in a way that kids become so engrossed in what they are doing that they don't realise they are doing "therapy" and often don't want their sessions to end. 

And we recently created an online therapy store, offering equipment for kids with special needs, while providing education as therapists on how to to use the equipment most effectively. 

Meet Our Team


Developmental Educator

Kerry is a Developmental Educator and has been a qualified dance instructor for twenty years. She has instructed in Calisthenics, Ballet, Pilates and Personal Training.

She specialises in helping children develop social, interpersonal and self-regulation skills. 

Kevin qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1997, with many years since then working exclusively with children. He is also a qualified school teacher and Personal Trainer.

His specialty is in helping children develop their movement skills and find what will hopefully be a lifelong passion for being active. 



In addition to their extensive professional experience working with children with disabilities, they also know what it is like being parents of children with developmental issues. It is through their experiences navigating the medical and disability sectors that they have gained the knowledge and skills to be able to show you exactly where to go to obtain funding or help you in accessing other services.

When not helping children grow their abilities and confidence they are raising five beautiful children, and keep active themselves through dance and gym.

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