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Helping children thrive together

Developmental Education, Physiotherapy and Equipment for children with special needs

Foundations for Growth

We provide therapy, equipment and education to provide your child with a strong foundation of development skills to help your child grow while having fun. 

Your child may be eligible for funding to attend our programs, through the NDIS, private health insurance, or Medicare.

Gross Motor Skills

Help Your Child Move With Confidence

Whether your child is struggling with strength, balance, co-ordination or more...we can help them develop the skills to move comfortably and confidently in all areas. 

Interpersonal Skills

Develop Skills Interacting With Others

It can be a worry when your child is in group situations like school or extra-curricular activities, and you are not sure of their ability to interact with others. We provide the structure to develop the skills they need to get on well with and interact with others positively and successfully, and develop the ability to build friendships.

Sensory and Emotional Regulation

Help them make sense of their senses

Every activity is difficult for a child whose brain is having difficulty processing the information it gets from their senses. Whether a child is over-stimulated or under-stimulated, we provide a sensory-safe therapy environment and help you with strategies for home and more.

Support For You

Help You To Navigate The Disability Sector

We are not only experienced paediatric therapists, but as parents of children with disabilities ourselves we know what it is like to navigate services and help you find what you need.  Whether it's sourcing funding, help with transitions to school, or gaining clarification on what might be helpful for your child, we can help you find the information and insight you need to help your child. 

Outcomes Important to You Through Activities and Equipment Children Enjoy

All of our programs are expertly designed to meet the therapy needs of your children, while being engaging and fun. Our motto is "You will see it's therapy, your child will think it's play".

Likewise with our store, we ensure that you will receive instructions and advice from our experienced therapists on how to use every piece of equipment to help your child.


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