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Based in Clarence Gardens, Adelaide, Foundations for Growth provides therapy for children with developmental difficulties using innovative strategies that help make therapy more effective.   We know that when children are having fun they are more engaged, focused, and "work" harder.  So we take providing fun sessions seriously! 

While we endeavour to make our sessions enjoyable for your child, we do so for the purpose of achieving better therapy outcomes.  Therapy for each child is goals-based, and we will use your goals and our assessment to guide the therapy sessions so that your child will achieve their best during your time with us. 

What may our therapy sessions help your child with?

While our sessions are focussed on helping your child meet their individual goals, some of the typical benefits from attending Foundations for Growth include:

  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Making friends
  • Using Social norms, like saying hello/goodbye, please and thank-you, using eye contact appropriately
  • Turn taking, leading and following, and other skills needed to work as part of a group (like they need in a classroom)
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Core stability
  • Ball skills
  • Self-regulation

What may our therapy sessions help your child with?

For us to provide the perfect type of therapy for your child, we need to first get to know what your child and yourself need from the therapy. To do this we will book a time exclusively for you and your child so that we can talk about what you want to achieve and make any observations that will help us.  This will often require performing an assessment of movement and sensory development.

From the initial appointment we will be able to provide you with any reports you need (such as for NDIS or school).  We will also provide you with our Parent Information Guide.  This outlines a lot of the activities we do within our sessions that shows you how your child is benefiting from each part, along with the plan we use specifically for your child. 

We will also decide with you when we will review our progress towards your goals, so that we can change track if we need to.

At Foundations for Growth we also look outside of pure clinical focus, and will endeavour to help you with things other than just "movement", "behaviour", or "sensory" needs.  As experienced clinicians as well as parents of children with developmental needs we have the unique position of being on both sides of the fence of child development therapy.  This has provided us with a rich pool of knowledge, skills and abilities that we will share with you to help the journey  a little easier for you. 

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