Frequently Asked


Would your classes help my child?

Every child is different, but typically most children will experience improvement in many aspects of movement including strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. It is important to realise that although dancing is central to all classes, it is still very much therapy based on the assessed needs of the children attending.

Are your dance-inspired sessions dancing for children with special needs or therapy?

The principle that drives how we operate our sessions is that we aim for the children to see the classes as dance, and something they look forward to all week. But at the same time satisfies the parents in knowing that what we are really providing is therapy. Each session will be focused on meeting some of the developmental needs that you have stated that you want your child to work on.

Will my child be suitable for the classes?

Not all children are ready to join in with a group. Please understand that while we do have two staff present at all times, we will also have other children to assist. Some children will need more help with focusing their behaviour than what can be provided in group therapy, and if you have any concerns whether this may be the case for your child then please discuss with us during your initial phone call. Quite often, children who are close to being able to participate in a group setting independent of their parents will do fine with some assistance from mum or dad, and then slowly gain their independence over time, and we will work with you to structure and plan for this transition.

Do I participate in the classes with my child?

Many children can experience some anxiety when they first attend any new group, especially if they have any sensory regulation or behavioural difficulties. As such, we ask that you help your child throughout the first session at least. After this, your participation will depend on a number of things, such as what you want your child to receive from the therapy, and how this is best achieved. For example, some children will need a gradual progression towards separation from their parent, another child may need the physical assistance from a parent throughout every session, while another child may achieve their best when their parent is not present. It is important to note that the therapy sessions are foremost to help with your child’s development, and sometimes that means working with your child through the class so they can receive the most benefit. We will work with you to help work out the best plan for your child.

Are your classes casual or by membership?

As with all paediatric therapy for children’s development, the best results are obtained by regular attendance and exposure to the treatment. We recommend that all families commit to the sessions on a term-by-term basis rather than attend casually. We are unable to provide assurance of improvements with irregular attendance.

Can I have a trial session of one of your groups?

Yes! We understand that it is important for you and your child to find the group, the therapists and the other children suitable for your child. So we are happy for you to come try the session with no obligation to continue. 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. As we have our own fees such as the hire of the hall, we do require knowing if our clients will be attending the sessions. If you need to cancel or re-schedule your child’s appointment could you please provide us with 24 hours notice otherwise a 50% session fee may apply (exceptions made for emergencies).

Can I claim under my health insurance?

If your child has any movement related needs, then yes – we have a physiotherapy provider number that will allow you to claim a rebate under your private health.

I think the sessions would be great for my child, but we are unable to attend your scheduled times.

We also negotiate with schools to provide therapy on-site as part of their curriculum. If your child’s school has several students requiring therapy for physical and/or social skills then we suggest you approach the school to see if they would consider incorporating our school program.  Contact us if you would like to discuss further. 

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