Dance-Inspired Group Therapy Sessions

Dance is the universal language that begins before words can even be spoken.

Children naturally love to move.  When they move, it is to achieve mobility, to express a thought or feeling, because it is enjoyable and of course, it feels wonderful.

It is when their movement becomes intentionally controlled and performed with awareness, grace and rhythm that it then becomes dance. Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of expressing themselves.

It is beneficial to provide all children with the opportunity of the developmental benefits and unique learning opportunities that come from organising movement into the aesthetic experience of dance.

Some benefits of attending these therapy sessions include: increasing strength, endurance and muscle tone; balance, coordination and grading of movements all whilst working on increasing impulse control, concentration, focus and self-esteem.

As well as the physical, learning, and emotional benefits, there is also the social aspect to be considered. Classes are a great alternative to team sports and is a rewarding activity where your child can be increasing their health and movements via physical activity, whilst increasing their social interactions in a fun and enjoyable way.

By participating in regular dance-inspired therapy classes your child will be gaining important social skills from learning to start joining in with peers, learning to initiate interaction, managing their behaviours in a supportive environment, and following rules and directions. These skills are often not refined and need to be learned which our classes will help with.

At Foundations for Growth we understand how important play is and how important a good start to childhood development is. We provide developmental therapy for children aged between 2 and 12 in the form of dance classes that caters for all developmental needs.

We have a strong focus on social inclusion and as a result, do not restrict our classes to children with disabilities or developmental issues, as we believe that it is an important experience for children with difficulties to enjoy social activities with peers without developmental issues, as well as important for children without developmental issues to experience activities with children with disabilities.

During our time delivering these sessions people sometimes become confused as to whether these classes are therapy or dance.  While it is movement to music and many of these movements taken from different styles of dance, every move has been designed with a particular therapy outcome in mind... whether it is "bilateral integration" or "proprioception", we identify what therapy needs your child has, and make sure these are included in the moves they will do in the class.  Download our Parent Handbook below to find out more about all these technical phrases and how we address them in the classes.

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