All of our groups have a physiotherapist in attendance, and each activity in all groups are either designed by or vetted by the physiotherapist to maximise the movement-therapy value of each session.

In addition to our groups we also offer individual appointments with a physiotherapist.  These can be based at home, school, pool, or our home base in Clarence Gardens.


Specialised Fitness

In addition to being a Physiotherapist, Kevin is also a lecturer to Personal Trainers.  Your child is in the best place to learn a foundation of fitness skills they can use for life. 

Gross Motor

Individualised To Your Needs

Whether your child needs to improve balance, learn to walk, or catch/hit/kick/throw a ball, they will experience fun and effective sessions that achieve all this. 


Aquatic Physiotherapy

Water can provide kids with the opportunity to move in ways that are too difficult on land. We provide water based therapy that improves movement, balance and stability. 

Not sure which option would provide your child the most benefit?  Contact us today to discuss.

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